Dine at Stockholms Restauranger & Wärdshus AB

Stockholms Restauranger & WärdshusStockholms Restauranger & Wärdshus offers a gilt-edged bonus and includes some of the capital city’s finest total dining experiences in inviting settings in the best possible locations. Choose the bustling street scene in the heart of the city or enjoy a relaxing mealwith nature as your closest neighbour. Experience everything from seafood delicacies to classic Swedish homely fare. Allow us to welcome you to eat and drink well.

Stockholms Restauranger & Wärdshus

EuroBonus and Stockholms Restauranger & Wärdshus from January 21

This is a partnership open for all members and it allows you to earn Extra points when you dine at Ångbåtsbryggan, Ulla Winbladh, Sjöpaviljongen, Stockholm Fisk, Loch & Quay, Edsbacka Wärdshus, Southside, Solvalla Restauranger, Stockholm Deli. The points your earn is really simple to understand, 1 SEK is 1 Extra point. So, who will pay the next bill?


  • Extra points are issued after completed purchase in the restaurants, including alcoholic beverages
  • Member has to acknowledge to the restaurant staff about his/hers EuroBonus card in order to earn Extra points
  • EuroBonus number and earned Extra points will be printed on the receipt, note - no retro registration of points will be possible if member cannot show valid receipt with printed EurBonus number. Mail to
  • EuroBonus member is self responsible to show the EuroBonus card to the restaurant staff and control that the points has been added to the receipt, earned Extra points will be visible at the printed receipts
 Edsbacka Wärdshus  Loch & Quay  Ulla Winbladh
 Sjöpaviljongen  Solvalla Restauranger  Southside
 Stockholms Deli  Ångbåtsbryggan  Stockholms Fisk


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