Norway weather

Norway weather

Norway weather

It is always advisable to familiarise oneself with the typical weather of a holiday destination, but rarely is it more vital than when visiting an extreme climate. Norwegian weather conditions can vary significantly depending on which part of the country one visits and what time of the year it is. Planning ahead will ensure that you will enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

With cheap flights to Norway available from more airports and airlines than ever before, this Scandinavian country is becoming a more popular destination with every passing year. As befits its northerly position, weather conditions can be extreme. This is particularly the case if one is planning an outdoor holiday during the winter. Temperatures can plummet below -40 degrees Celsius in the northern extremes of the country.

However, Norway is not always freezing. Compared to other areas at the same latitude, the weather is actually mild in the spring and autumn. In the summer, temperatures can match those found in continental Europe, with even northern extremes sometimes breaking 25 degrees Celsius. All year-round, the northern part of Norway experiences minimal precipitation, while the western and southern areas of the country are much more prone to heavy snow and rainfall.

Travellers planning to take advantage of cheap flights to Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and elsewhere should be aware of a unique aspect of Norway's climate. Not only does the weather affect one's experience, but the hours of daylight as well. If you are planning to explore the countryside, it might be best to visit between May and July, when the sun rarely sets even in the south. Conversely, if you are hoping to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights, visit in the winter, when daylight is rare.


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