EuroBonus and World MasterCard

MasterCard is accepted at more than 25 million locations worldwide and if you choose to combine your EuroBonus card with MasterCard you can benefit from the following services like extended travel insurance with cancellation insurance included for Norwegian and Swedish members when you pay the trip with your combined card (except when you pay airport tax/fees on award trips).

You choice

Pay the full amount of the invoice at the end of the month and receive an average 45 days interest-free credit or you can use your card as a credit card and divide your payment in smaller payments.You will find more information and application form in local languanges.

Combined cards are available to residents of Denmark (including Greenland and Faroe Islands), Finland, Norway and Sweden.

No annual fee

Apply now and get the first year for no annual fee, remember that first year for no annual fee applies to new EuroBonus MasterCard holders. If you have a EuroBonus Diamond or Gold card there is no annual fee at all.

Country of residence

Please note, if you're already holding a MasterCard you cannot combine this card with EuroBonus, you will receive a new combined card.


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