2007 Record Year for SAS in Luxembourg (English)

Publicēts: 2007-12-20

2007 has been a record year for SAS in Luxembourg and SAS has high expectations of even doing better in 2008.

Paul Kristensen, general manager for SAS Belgium & Luxembourg : "Notwithstanding the problems we have encountered with the Q400 and the subsequent grounding of this aircraft, we have endeavoured to continue operating even if it meant wet-leasing aircraft.  The extra capacity that was generated because of the wetlease of 2 B737, was welcomed by the market and together with the continuation of the CRJ aircraft, SAS has been able to increase its capacity on Luxembourg from 404 seats up to 568 seats per weekday".

SAS has high hopes to continue this expansion for 2008 because of 3 reasons :

  • With the 2nd ground handler at Luxembourg airport, for which the tender is actually ongoing, SAS is confident that the extra competition in this domain will enable all airlines operating on Luxembourg to reduce handling fees considerably.
  • The opening of the new airport terminal will attract more customers, as the seamless and efficient access from parking to departing will strengthen Luxembourg Airport as the natural first choice for Luxembourg and its vicinity.
  • SAS will also be able to offer electronic tickets on its Luxembourg routes during half of 2008, which will enable SAS passengers to book more easily and efficiently.

It has been decided that the Q400, which have been taken out of operation, will definitely be replaced by new regional jet aircraft. It is still unknown which aircraft will be ordered to replace the Q400 but it is sure that it will be jet aircraft. SAS will continue in 2008 to service the Luxembourg market with 3 daily flights operated by jet.

"We would like to thank our customers, travel agents and partners in Luxembourg for the tremendous support they have offered during the past year and look forward to a continued good cooperation in 2008", ends Paul Kristensen.

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