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SAS is the national airline of the three Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway and Sweden) the three most liberal and gay-friendly countries in the world. We have for years been a member of IGLTA (The International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association), and we are also a proud member of the Stockholm Gay and Lesbian Network.


Nordic countries' LGBT capitals

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Besides being the official airline for events such as World Out Games (Copenhagen, 2009) and Mr Gay World (Oslo, 2010), SAS launched the world's first global LGBT campaign, Love is in the air, where same-sex couples could compete to become the world's first gay or lesbian couple to get married in the air. You see, compared to our competitors, who claim to be gay-friendly by producing pretty ads, we are more focused at proving we're gay-friendly with real activities. On December 6, 2010, SAS hosted the world's first gay and lesbian weddings in the air on a flight from Stockholm to New York. Over 300 couples from all over the world competed, with over 350,000 unique votes cast. You can learn more about the campaign in the video above.

We're so proud of our LGBT crew that we have created a gay version of our popular Crew Guide concept. Footballer and sex symbol Anton Hysén visits Stockholm, only to be guided around by SAS crew, who show him the best of what the city has to offer a gay visitor.

SAS Gay Crew Guide Stockholm




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