Earn and spend points on Thai Airways Intl.

Thai Airways International was founded in 1960 as a joint venture between Thailand's domestic carrier, Thai Airways Company (TAC) and Scandinavian Airlines System. Thai logo represents a stylised classical Thai dancer, reflecting the Kingdom’s traditional values of culture and hospitality and setting it apart from all other airlines. One of the founders in Star Alliance.

Your points

You earn Basic points on selected booking classes that count towards a higher membership level and you can spend points on all flights operated flights by Thai Airways. Award reservations can be made up to departure provided that the trip can be booked to/from e-ticket destinations. Book through your local Member Service.

Earn points chart  
All other classes are excluded.
First & Business (F, A, P, C, D, J, Z) Economy (Y, B, H, M, Q, U) Low Economy (K, S)
Minimum  1 200 Minimum 600 Minimum 150

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