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パスポート & ビザ

Pas og visum

  • ご出発の前に、担当のツアーオペレーター、渡航先または乗継国の大使館•領事館に入国および滞在に必要な身元確認資料やビザの必要条件についてにご確認されることをお勧めします。

  • 必要書類がそろっていない場合、入国や出国を許可されない可能性があり、当局への料金又は罰金をSASが申し受けることもあります。


  • お子様ご本人のパスポートとビザをお持ちください。お子様のお名前が併記されているご両親のパスポートはご使用いただけません。

  • お子様の一人旅のお出迎えの方も空港で身分証明書をご提示いただきます。

  • IATA Travel Centre

Travel to Russia

  • Passengers travelling to Russia must have a valid passport and visa before departure because it is not possible to obtain a visa upon arrival in Russia. It is important to check that your visa is properly issued. Please ensure that you meet the following criteria before departure:
    • Your passport must be valid, 100% intact and include a passport photo.
    • Your visa must be valid on the day you arrive in Russia and be in a valid passport.
    • Gender, date of birth and passport number must be correctly stated in your visa.
    • Pay attention to whether your visa can be used more than once.
    • Travel insurance is required for citizens of Schengen countries, the Czech Republic, Estonia and Israel.
    • An HIV test is required if you are applying for a visa for more than 3 months.
    • If you apply for a visa and will stay in private accommodations in Russia, you must bring an official private invitation prepared by the Office of Visas and Registration (OVIR).
    • If you are staying at a hotel, the hotel can arrange an invitation.

  • Note the stringent visa requirements for travel to or through Russia. Visas may not show the actual travel dates, which may lead to denied entry with SAS to Russia. Please ensure that the travel dates in the booking match those stated in the visa.

Travel to Belarus through Moscow

  • If you are traveling to Belarus via Moscow, it is usually required to have a Russian (transit) visa. For more information and to apply for a visa, please visit your localRussian embassy website.

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