Flights to Tromsø

Flights to Tromso

Always included in your flight ticket to Tromsø: 23 kg of baggage, free seat selection and much more…

The flight time to Tromsø is only 2 hours, but we want you to feel comfortable while you are flying with us. Thus, we serve coffee or tea onboard and you can read the daily newspaper, all is free of charge, of course.
In fact everything is included in your flight ticket we have everything covered before, during and after the flight:

• 23 kg of baggage
• Free seat selection and 24-hour return policy
• Online check-in
• Coffee, tea and newspapers
• Child discount up to 90%
• Earn Eurobonus points

Find your flight and check out the prices right away by using the booking enquiry form or download our App– this way you are always able to find your next flight to Tromsø directly from your phone or tablet.

Psst! Check out our guide to Tromsø.

Our flights from United Kingdom to Tromsø

Flights to Tromsø go from London, Birmingham, Dublin, Manchester and Edinburgh via our Scandinavian hub in Oslo.

SAS flies to Tromsø via Oslo and Stockholm airports. Both airports have excellent local transit systems to the city.

Read about Tromsø Airport - Langnes

The cheapest flights to Tromsø – book early and save more.

It is possible for you to save time as well as money when you fly to Tromsø. If you are looking for cheap flights to Tromsø we recommend that you book your flight ticket early - this way you can increase the chance to get flight tickets at the best price.

When you book, remember that we offer a 24-hour return policy. This means that you can feel free to take advantage of it if you find a good offer in our online booking system - make the booking right away and find out if the date, time of departure and price fits your travel plans.

Do you love a good bargain (well who doesn’t!)? Keep an eye on our special offers on flight tickets to Tromsø

Child discount – get up to 90%

When flying to Tromsø with us you can always find great discounts on your children’s flight tickets. For infants and children under 2 years of age you can enjoy up to 90% discount on the price of their ticket and it is free of charge to carry a pram/stroller with you.
For children 2-11 years of age you can enjoy a discount of up to 25% discount.

Feel free to contact our crew in the airport if it is your first time flying with kids. They know how to take extra good care of you as first time traveler with children.

 Check out good advice to give your child the best possible flight.

Read more about travelling with children and child discounts

Enjoy awards and benefits – join EuroBonus, our loyalty & frequent flyer program.

Join our free loyalty & frequent flyer program, EuroBonus, and earn points every time you fly with us. You also get a lot of benefits like exclusive offers for members via E-mail and mobile services with practical information regarding your flight.

You can also earn points when you make reservations for a hotel room and car rental at our many partners all over the world.  Spend your points to get discounts on everything from flights and hotels to inflight or online shopping. Your kids can earn Eurobonus Points too.

 Earn points for your flight to Tromsø – join EuroBonus for free.


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With SAS, what you see is what you get - no hidden charges. We'd rather offer you value, such as child discounts, free baggage and reserving your seat for free. Click to read more.

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