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Flight information by mobile phone

Automatic notification of delays/cancellations by SMS

To keep you well informed about your flight, we will automatically send you an SMS with information about any delays or cancellations. The information is sent as early as 22 hours before departure and is free of charge. All you have to do is include your mobile phone number in your reservation when you travel with SAS. Note that this service is not provided when you travel on a SAS codeshare partner flight (if the flight is operated by another carrier). Flights from the following countries/cities do not currently offer SAS Flight Info services: Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Malta, Romania, Wrocław, Kosovo, Croatia and the Czech Republic.

Extended info by SMS

If you are a EuroBonus member or Travel Pass holder, you can receive more detailed information about your trip directly on your mobile. In addition to information on any delays or cancellations, you will receive a message about 2.5 hours before departure with information about whether your booked flight will depart according to schedule. If available, we will also notify you of the gate number for your departure.
To subscribe or unsubscribe to this service, please log in to "My profile"/"Mobile services."

Request departure and arrival information by SMS

Do you need current departure or arrival information? Just send us a SMS and we will get back to you with the information you need. The service is available to all SAS passengers who have a mobile phone.

Send an SMS with the text SAS I 581 04OCT
where I=Information, 581=flight number (without SK) and day and month (three-letter English abbreviation in capital letters, such as MAY or OCT)

to the following numbers:

Sweden                72707
Denmark                1244
Norway                 2222
Finland                  13311
Rest of the world +447624800193

Flight Info via SMS

The information provided is accurate at the time it is transmitted and is updated continuously.
However, we recommend that you check the SAS website or call SAS call Center to keep yourself informed of any changes.
SAS cannot accept responsibility for any consequences or expenses incurred either directly or indirectly as a result of information given in the SMS messages. SAS cannot equally accept any responsibility for the stability of the telephone operating company in question.

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