Find out how many qualifying points you earn on SAS

The table below will show you how many Basic points you earn on each flight you take with SAS, depending on the type of ticket you purchase. Points can be used for all kinds of awards and they count towards qualifying for a higher membership levels too. Gold and Diamond members earn an additional 25% Basic points on top of the regular Basic points. 

About code-share flights
Flights in the range SK3000-SK3999, SK6000-SK9999 are code-shared flights and operated by an SAS partner airline. Depending on which airline that is operating these flights on behalf of SAS, you'll earn Basic or Extra points and in some rare cases no points. Learn more...

Other exceptions?
No points can be earned on SAS unpublished charter flights. Need more information, please contact Member Service. If you buy an upgrade at gate for money - still the original class booked applies for point earnings.

Points for cancelled flights
If you are involuntarily re-accommodated from SAS to another airline or other means of transport, you may request your points for your original flight itinerary.

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European routes, Basic points per one-way trip

SAS Plus
(C, J, Y, S, B, P, A)

(M, H, Q, E, W, U, K, L, T, G, O, V)


Domestic flights in the Nordic countries

1 000


Between the Nordic countries

1 000


Between the Nordic countries & Baltic states

1 000


Nordic countries  Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France (Paris, Lyon), Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine & United Kingdom

2 000

1 000

Nordic countries Croatia, France (Marseille, Nice), Iceland, Italy & Switzerland

3 000

1 500

Nordic countries  Greece, Israel, Malta, Portugal, Spain & Turkey

4 000

2 000

Intercontinental routes, Basic points per one-way trip


SAS Business & SAS Plus

(C, D, Z, Y, S, B, P)


(M, H, Q, E, W, U, K, L, T, G, O, V)

Copenhagen  Bangkok (until end of March, 2014)

10 800

5 400

Copenhagen Beijing

9 000

4 500

Copenhagen  Chicago 

8 600

4 300

Copenhagen New York

7 800

3 900

Copenhagen San Francisco

11 000

5 500

Copenhagen Shanghai

10 400

5 200

Copenhagen Tokyo

11 400

5 700

Copenhagen Washington

8 200

4 100

Oslo  New York

7 400

3 700

New! Stavanger Houston (from August 20, 2014)
10 000 (C, D, Z)
No service
Stockholm Chicago

8 600

4 300

Stockholm New York

8 000

4 000


All other classes are excluded.
Points can be earned for regular tickets paid, wholly or partly, with points



Nordic countries - Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.
Baltic states - Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. 

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