Kun matkustat lentäen, sinulla tulee aina olla mukana kuvallinen henkilöllisyystodistus. Lapsia ei voi enää sisällyttää vanhempien tai toisen aikuisen passiin heidän iästään riippumatta. Kaikilla lapsilla on oltava oma passi.

Yksin matkustavien lapsien vanhempien tai huoltajien tulee myös esittää voimassa oleva kuvallinen henkilöllisyystodistus lentokentällä.

Travel to the UK
- register your details before departure

Travel to the UK

  • The UK government requires all airlines to submit Advanced Passenger Information (APIS)information on all flights to, from and transiting through the UK. All carriers are required to collect and submit certain travel and reservation details for all passengers.


  • All passengers are required to fill out the form at check-in. It is also possible to check in by SMS and online, in which case the APIS can be filled in at the airport at a SAS Self-Service Kiosk.


  • If you are checking in baggage, you will have to answer three additional questions about your baggage. If you cannot answer no to all three questions, it is important that you repack your baggage to comply with security regulations.

  • We've listed all the essentials below that you need to be extra sure about before you fly. Read more here


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