SAS Travel Pass - for frequent travel between selected destinations

SAS Travel Pass - the flexible prepaid product that makes you and your company's travel simply, convenient and cost-effective and with minimum administration.

Choose between buying a fixed number of trips for one or more passengers and/or unlimited trips for one person valid for 6 or 12 months between two selected destinations or within a designated zone.

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Benefits with SAS Travel Pass
  • Prepurchase gives greater discount
  • Flexible - buy Travel Pass for one person or several people
  • Choose between buying a set number of or unlimited trips
  • Minimal administration
  • Simple booking - simple travel
  • Simple to calculate travel costs
  • Have several Travel Pass products linked to the same Travel Pass number
  • Travel on the card of your choice, such as Travel Pass or EuroBonus card
  • Subscribe to SAS mobile services and get information about your flight

Which product suits you/your company best?

Travel Pass – unlimited travel
  • Unlimited travel between two destinations or within a zone
  • Travel in SAS Business has full flexibility, including rebooking
  • You decide when to start using the product
  • Substantial discounts on flight fares
  • Fixed price - the more you travel, the cheaper each trip becomes 
  • Valid 6 or 12 months depending on destination
  • Earn points for EuroBonus Silver or Gold member status  
  • Pay for your Travel Pass in advance and get only one invoice=simple administration
  • Valid for one person per product

Travel Pass – fixed number
  • Fixed number of trips between two destinations or within a zone
  • Full flexibility for travel in SAS Business, including rebooking
  • You decide when to activate the product
  • Significant discounts on flight prices
  • Invoices for prepaid products=simple administration
  • Flexible – buy Travel Pass for one person or several people
Destinations and zones
SAS & SJ trains
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New member levels in EuroBonus from April 2014
For Travel Pass products sold after January 1, 2014
Travel Pass product EuroBonus Silver EuroBonus Gold EuroBonus Diamond
Travel Pass unlimited
6 months
Travel Pass unlimited 12 months    
Travel Pass 20-40 trips    
Travel Pass 60 trips    

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