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Avis, EuroBonus partner since 1993


Avis Budget Group Ltd and its subsidiaries operate the world's second largest general-use car rental business. You always earn 500 Extra points on the first rental with freqency bonus you earn 1000 on the second rental, 1500 Extra points on the third rental, and 2000 Extra points on the fourth rental. Please always state your Avis AWD number stated on the backside of the card to be eligble for freqency bonus and discounts. Learn more about Avis...


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 Budget, EuroBonus partner since January, 2013

Budget – earn 2000 Extra points!

Budget Car Rental was founded in 1958 as a car rental company for the "budget-minded" renter. Today, as an industry leader, Budget continues to appeal to value-driven renters by offering quality vehicles and a rewarding rental experience at more than 3000 locations in more than 120 countries. You earn 500 Extra points on car rentals. Learn more about Budget...



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Hertz, EuroBous partner since 1992


Hertz – earn up to 4000 Extra points!

Hertz offers a wide variety of current-model cars on a short-term rental basis. You earn 500 Extra points rentals up to five days and 100 Extra points per day on top for more than a six day rental up to maximum 1000 Extra points.
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Sixt, EuroBonus partner since 2007


Sixt – earn 1500 Extra points!

Sixt was founded in 1912 and is today one of Europe’s leading car rental companies. You earn 500 Extra points each time at normal rates at Sixt worldwide and 1000 Extra points on Sixt Limousine rentals. You cannot exchange your points on car rentals on Sixt. Learn more about Sixt...


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Hurtigruten, EuroBonus partner since 2010


Our partnership ended on December 31, 2012. You can claim points until June 30, 2013.




Flybussen, EuroBonus partner since 2011


Flybussen Oslo Gardemoen

SAS Flybussen is a convinient transport for only 40 minutes between Oslo and Gardemoen airport and you earn points at the same time. Learn more about Flybussen...




Flygbussarna, EuroBonus partner since late March 2012


Flygbussarna in Sweden

Direct and convenient transport into the centre of the main cities in Sweden!
Flygbussarna Airport Coaches offer convenient and comfortable bus services to and from all the major airports in Sweden. You earn 1 Extra point for each 1SEK spent. Learn more about Flygbussarna... 


 Flygets Långtidsparkering, EuroBonus partner since 2010

Flygets Långtidsparkering at Stockholm Arlanda

EuroBonus only has partnerships with the best airport parking providers, ensuring excellent service both for your short- and long-term parking needs. Currently only available at Arlanda Airport - Stockholm, Sweden.
Learn more about Flygets Långtidsparkering...





FLYGTAXI, EuroBonus partner since 2009


FLYGTAXI in Sweden – also available in over 30 countries

FLYGTAXI is the taxi-company that will take you to and from the airport or train station in Sweden. They are available in over 3000 towns, 41 airports and 128 train stations, and will even drive you across the Øresund Bridge to or from Kastrup airport in Copenhagen. You earn up to 100 Extra points. Points cannot be exchanged for taxi. Learn more about Flygtaxi...



Sverigetaxi, EuroBonus partner since late March 2012


Sverigetaxi in Sweden

Sverigetaxi is number of safe and reliable taxi companies throughout Sweden that have joined together into a single company to offer the customer, a little extra. Sverigetaxis motto is short and simple: Service, comfort and style. You earn up to 35 - 50 Extra points per taxiride. Points cannot be exchanged for taxi.
Learn more about Sverigetaxi...



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