Pool your family’s EuroBonus points

Now your whole family can collect future EuroBonus points in a family account and quickly accumulate lots of points to use towards award flights and other fun activities you’d like to do together.

Here’s how it works

Start by designating an adult member’s account as the “receiving account.” Then connect up to 7 other “giving accounts.” Once you start a family account, all new points will be transferred automatically on the 8th of each month. If you already have points in your own EuroBonus account when you start the family account, you can either keep them or transfer them manually to the family account, log in go to My EuroBonus - Transfer points.


  • You can only participate in one family account at a time and only as a recipient or a giver, not both. 
  • All family account members must provide information about their relationship with the receiver, i.e. parent, spouse, partner or child. 
  • Family account members can leave the account at any time. However, you cannot transfer points from the family account back to any other account.
  • Not all points earned in a giving account can be transferred to a family account. This includes points that you earn when you participate in EuroBonus quizzes and points that are used to determine your membership level. You can check all our partners here.
  • Basic points transferred to a family account will be registered as Extra points. The expiry date of all transferred points will be determined based on your qualification period.
  • can also transfer points for a fee, read more here.

Read full terms and conditions here

Yes, I want to set up a family account

Login and go to 'My EuroBonus'

Choose 'Family pooling'

Follow the instructions

..and there is no fee

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