Holiday tips in Sweden

Holiday in Sweden

Holidays in Sweden can be as varied as the country itself. Choose a city break, unwind in the country, or take part in action sports. Whether you like your holiday to feature arts and culture or roller coasters, fine dining or fishing, Sweden has everything to cater to all tastes.

Flights to Stockholm are frequent and affordable. The Swedish capital is a clean and green city, its streets connecting seamlessly with parks and waterways. A paradise for gastronomes and culture vultures, the city boasts both traditional Swedish and international cuisine, along with museums, galleries and theatres. For a more unique city break, try Gothenburg, home of the Liseberg theme park and situated on the waters of the Kattegat, or Malmö, with its mix of modern and historical architecture and views across the water to Copenhagen.

A cabin or campsite in the countryside is where the Swedes themselves go to get away from it all. Clean and tranquil lakes supply fish for dinner, wild cloudberries and lingonberries are ripe for the picking, while edible fungi grow in the forests. The country is rich in wildlife and you may be lucky enough to see a moose. Hiking, biking, pony trekking, kayaking and canoe are all great ways to explore the landscape.

The landscape changes dramatically from summer to winter, and there are plenty of activities to enjoy during the colder months. Try cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, or the unforgettable experience of riding a sled behind a team of excited huskies.

Winter is also the time to visit the ICEHOTEL in Kiruna. Constructed from snow and ice every autumn, it is different every year, with bedroom suites designed by leading artists. Come for a look around, enjoy a drink at the bar from glasses made of ice or even stay the night in one of the snug bedrooms.


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