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Our city guide will help you to find out what's up and what the best tips are from SAS crew and passengers. This vibrant, busy city has slowly been emerging as a new cultural diamond of the East and forms the centre of modern Poland. And while shiny skyscrapers, new restaurants and funky clubs shoot like mushrooms from the soil, Warsaw’s many historic buildings serve as a reminder of this city’s glorious history.

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What's up in Warsaw

Chocolate and more
150 years of genuine and
original choclate. Wedel
is not just good choclate,
check out their lounges.

10'000 square metres of
roof garden wait for you
on the Warsaw University

The district located
on the east-bank
of Vistula River is
definately worth a

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Crew tip

Passenger tip Passenger tip


A very modern and
different restaurant
and cafe, with a menu
that takes its inspiration
from different parts of
the world. This place is
definitely worth a visit.
I think you will love it.
Catherine, air hostess

Fabryka Trzciny

A great center for arts and
education, it has a Performance
Hall,  Theatrical Stage, Exhibition
Hall,  Club & Lounge, as well as
a multitude of spaces designated
for film screenings, fashion
shows and similar events.


This is my favorite in
Warsaw, its next to the Saski
Park and always features
fantastic exhibitions.
Just check out what's
happening there and pop-in.


Marriott Hotel

Visit Panorama Bar at Marriott Hotel downtown. It is situated high enough to have a nice view of Warsaw... and enjoy a drink :-)

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Inhabitants: 1.8 million
Language: Polish
Currency: Złoty (zł)
Time zone: CET

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