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Prohibited items

- important information about flight safety

The safety of you and our other passengers is our main concern. This is why there are a few things to keep in mind before your trip:

  • According to a decision by the EC, it is for security reasons prohibited to bring certain items on the aircraft. Read more at the European Commision website
  • Other items are prohibited on the aircraft due to their hazardous nature, for example flammable, corrosive, radioactive or oxidizing items. we comply with IATA guidelines for dangerous goods

  • Lithium batteries are restricted dangerous goods, Balance scooters such as hoverboards and solowheels, powered by lithium batteries, must be shipped as airfreight. In this regard, we comply with IATA guidelines for the transport of lithium batteries.

  • Electronic cigarettes, pipes or cigars may not be used onboard SAS aircraft. These items must be packed in your carry-on during your trip. 
  • Ink cartridges for a printer weighing more than 500 grams/1.1 lbs may not be carried on trips to/from/via the US. This applies to checked baggage and carry-on. Read more at the Federal Aviation Administration's website 
  • Special regulations are in place governing the import and export of animal products in the EU
  • Also remember to pack bags securely when you travel with, for example, sharp objects. No objects are allowed onboard which present a risk of injuring you, another passenger or SAS staff.

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