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STS Alpresor is northern Europe’s largest ski tour operator to the Alps. The company owns and runs five high quality hotels in Bad Gastein, Austria – among them the well-known Hotel Salzburger Hof. STS Alpresor produces and sells all inclusive trips including: flight, transfer, accommodation, half board, ski pass and guide service to 21 differents resorts in the Alps and USA. STS Alpresor’s corporate spirit is characterized by experience, engagement and loyalty.

EuroBonus and STS Alpresor

This is a partnership for members in Scandinavia/Finland, wich allows you to earn EuroBonus Extra points when you travel with STS Alpresor.

  • You earn 2500 - 4000 Extra points per person on all travel packages purchased from STS Alpresor that include hotel stays and flights that are featured on STS Alpresor’s website or printed in STS Alpresor’s brochure.
  • Applies only to full price journeys.
  • The Extra points will be obtained by the person who makes the booking, i.e. also for the companions on the same booking number.
  • Extra points per person, i.e if a member makes an Alp Inclusive booking for four (4) persons the member earns 10 000 Extra points (4x2500).
  • All EuroBonus members over 12 years can obtain EuroBonus Extra points.
  • The Extra points are transfered to members account after completed journey.
  • Members do not earn EuroBonus Extra points on purchase made with STS Alpresor of flight tickets or hotel exclusively.
  • If the booking is being cancelled prior to departure no EuroBonus Extra points will be granted.
  • The EuroBonus member is responsible for the EuroBonus card beeing valid.
  • It's not possible to register missing points after departure.

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