Flights to the Netherlands

Flights to the Netherlands

Book your flights to the Netherlands on SAS and experience world-class service and comfort en route. Visit our website to quickly find departures, book tickets and check in online. You can also find travel information about the Netherlands and other destinations where SAS flies. For your convenience, SAS has flights to the Netherlands by way of Scandinavia from its 4 hubs in the US: New York, Washington, Chicago & San Francisco.

Enjoy your journey

Fly to the Netherlands in comfort on SAS. We are focused on making your flight as enjoyable as possible with world-class service, multiple in-flight entertainment options and a variety of menu choices.  Relax during your flight in one of our ergonomic seats. Fly in SAS Business or SAS Plus, to which one can upgrade from SAS Go, and take advantage of Fast Track security access where available. All passengers can only refund/change restricted tickets within 24 hours of purchase.

SAS offers a number of convenient options to families traveling with children. Entertainment systems are located in every seat with plenty of movie channels, music, stories and video games to keep everyone occupied. Infant and kids meals are available by reserving up to 24 hours in advance on transatlantic SAS flights. You can also book ahead for baby bassinets for infants up to nine months and children's sleeping bags. Passengers can earn EuroBonus frequent flyer points to use towards future trips, hotel stays and car rentals.

Book flights online to the Netherlands

Start planning your trip to the Netherlands on the SAS website, and you can easily find flights to the Netherlands, book your tickets and check in online. With flight connections to the Netherlands from the four SAS hubs in the US, SAS makes it convenient and easy to visit the Netherlands.

About the Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the flattest and most picturesque countries in Europe. The country’s iconic canals, dikes and windmills have charmed visitors for centuries. Amsterdam, the capital, is a free-spirited and vibrant city filled with canals, museums, galleries, tulip markets and bicycles as well as the notorious coffee shops and red-light district. Bordering the North Sea, the Netherlands has a beautiful coastline to explore—from unspoiled white sand beaches to busy seaside resorts. The Netherlands also was the birthplace of many great master artists, including Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Mondrian.

Visit the Netherlands today and book your flights to the Netherlands online with SAS.


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