Flights to Tallinn

Flights to Tallinn

SAS, the largest airline company in Scandinavia, offers daily cheap international flight tickets to Tallinn from many destinations in Scandinavia and with connections from Europe, the US and Asia.

Our city guide will help you to find out what's up and what the best tips are from SAS crew and passengers. Many tourists are drawn to Tallinn solely because of its beautiful churches, cobbled streets and ring-wall. But now the old Hanseatic city is ready to reveal another side. People from all over Europe come here to shop and enjoy this pleasant spa town.


What's up in Tallinn

Navi what?

Navitrolla Gallery features works verging on humorous nature surrealism.


Bocca's medieval shell is tastefully filled with fashionable minimalist decor and good food.

Oleviste church tower

The 406-ft. (124-metre)steeple still dwarfs most of Tallinn’s buildings and remains an important symbol of the town.

Crew tip
Laulasmaa Resort

How does a detoxifying honey massage and energising pearl bath sound to you? I could book an anti-stress 3-day package every week. /Sandra, flight attendant

Passenger tip
DIY Chocolate

Start with the Kalev Chocolate Museum at Pikk 16. Although absolutely tiny, it doubles up as a charming café. Enjoy the marzipan exhibition and Georg Stude's museum room that is free of charge. Head down the street to Pikk 30 to Anneli Viik's Chocolate studio for the state of art handmade chocolates. Mmm, mouth-watering! /Gunnar

Passenger tip
Olde Hansa


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