SAS LGBT guide to Oslo

Oslo has nightlife, shopping, restaurants, great nature and a variety of cultural offerings, in addition to an open and including gay scene. Norwegian society is, generally speaking, liberal towards the gay community. Norway has several gay public figures, in entertainment and sports, as well as in politics and business. In fact, the former minister of finance and current chairman of Oslo's city council are both openly gay.


Gay travellers visiting Oslo can go to the restaurant or bar of their choice – they do not need to go to a place especially for gays. However, there are of course places where you are more likely to meet other gays and lesbians, mainly in the city centre. Oslo's gay nightlife is not as segregated as in many other cities; gays and lesbians often go to the same places and different age groups mix. In addition to gay bars like London and Elsker, there are also other places with many regular gay patrons, such as Ett Glass and Bobs pub.

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