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In 2009, Copenhagen hosted the World Out Games 2009, for which SAS was the strategic partner. There are plenty of reasons to visit wonderful Copenhagen, the capital of one of the world's most gay-friendly countries. Copenhagen is not a huge sprawling metropolis, which makes finding your way around simple and convenient.

Everything is pretty much within walking distance. This is particularly true of Copenhagen's gay scene. Centred in the Soho-like area of the old town, the city's gay scene seems almost geographically designed to provide virtually the entire evening's spectrum of entertainment and fun within one square kilometre.

Denmark's capital has long had a tolerant and relaxed attitude towards both gay Danes and tourists. The first gay bar, Centralhjørnet, opened over 80 year ago, and is still going strong - along with a number of newer cafés & bars. The National Association for Gays and Lesbians (LBL) was founded in 1948 as the first of its kind. In 1989, Denmark was the first country in the world to recognize marriage between two persons of the same sex. In 1999, it became possible for married gays to adopt the infants of their partners - a major step towards the acceptance of gay parents.

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