Earn and spend points on Shenzhen Airlines

EuroBonus partner from late November, 2012!As of January 2012, Shenzhen Airlines owns a fleet of more than 100 passenger and cargo aircraft which consists of Boeing 747s and 737s, and Airbus 320s and 319s, which are in service on over 200 domestic and international routes.

Your points

You earn Basic points on selected booking classes that count towards a higher membership level and you can spend points on all flights operated by Shenzhen Airlines. Award reservations can be made up to departure provided that the trip can be booked to/from e-ticket destinations. Book through your local Member Service.


Earn points chart

All other classes are excluded.


First & Business (F, A, P, C, D)

High Economy (Y, B, M, H, K, L)

Mid Economy (J, Q, W, Z, G, S, V, U)

Low Economy (E, T)

Minimum 450

Minimum 300

Minimum 150

Minimum 75


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