EuroBonus is now in a partnership with RewardsPay® that will give you even more options to pay for your purchases on participating merchant sites with your points, unique experiences, clothes, shoes, online games, learn a foreign language, buy music and more.

How to shop

Click on the merchant below

Select RewardsPay/EuroBonus points as payment. The prices start at 1000 points

Not enough points? Pay the rest with your credit card

Have your login details handy, same as when you login to your EuroBonus account


Spend your points in SAS EuroBonus Shop

Welcome to SAS EuroBonus online shopping where we strive to present you the best selected shops and brands gathered in one spot, making it easier for you in your everyday life. Browse through an exciting range of products and experiences like driving a sportscar, champagne weekend or let your body walk in paradise as you are covered in a delicious mix of chocolate and almond oil in Estonia.

If you want to make a difference, for example donate points to World Childhood Foundation and many more.

Points or cash, why not both! You will have a 'slider' that you can use, just enter the points or cash amount you wish to pay. The best way to use the shop is to login to view all rewards that are shipped to your country and remember, the cost for shipping is included.

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