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Safety culture

Scandinavian Airlines is an organization that learns: questioning, prevailing, practices and continuously and systematically on the lookout for faults and weaknesses in its operations. We aim to carry out improvements and adapt to changes in the world and the environment in which we operate.

Pervasive safety culture

SAS has well-functioning and ambitious reporting routines and a positive safety culture. They are characterized by communication based on mutual trust, a shared understanding of the importance of safety and confidence in the effectiveness of preventive actions. The management of SAS is deeply committed to safety issues at all levels and strictly follows the SAS documented safety policy. All employees have a personal responsibility for safety and are to maintain, improve and communicate matters affecting safety.

Streamlined technical maintenance

SAS is simplifying its technical organization by establishing SAS Tech, which embraces both SAS Technical Services (STS) and SAS Technical Operations. The goal is for SAS Tech to maintain continuous airworthiness of the airlines’ fleets, improve the quality of deliveries, boost efficiency and reduce costs.

Maintenance intervals

Maintenance is divided into daily routines and routines for line, base and heavy maintenance. Pilots are responsible for visual inspections of aircraft in which they inspect the entire aircraft, including wheels, engines, fueling, wings, etc. Inspections are performed before each flight. In addition, there are frequent inspections at various intervals of fluid levels, brakes, etc. A more thorough inspection is done after 300 flight hours, when certain parts are replaced. The major inspection is done every 24 months. The entire aircraft is inspected in detail, an operation taking between 3,000 and 7,000 man-hours. The aircraft is disassembled into smaller pieces that are inspected individually.

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