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Pet in cabin

  • Your pet must be placed in a transport box under the seat in front of you during takeoff and landing and on the floor in front of you the entire flight. The transport box must conform to the following requirements:

    Transport box requirements
    Weight including animal Maximum 8 kg
    Dimensions Maximum 40x25x23 cm

  • The pet transport box must be large enough for it to be able to stand, lie down and turn naturally. If not, check-in staff can reject the box. At SAS, we recommend that you transport your pet in a soft-sided pet carrier available at pet shops.

  • A limited number of animals are permitted onboard for each departure. We recommend you make a reservation well in advance to ensure your pet will be allowed in the cabin.

  • When flying with pets in the cabin, certain restrictions apply:

  • When flying to/from UK or Ireland,pets and animals are not allowed for transport in the cabin or as checked baggage. Only service animals are accepted for travel in the cabin with the exception of Aberdeen and Manchester. Please contact Trust Forwarding for more information on how to send your animal as cargo.

    Pets other than cats and dogs are welcome to fly with us as cargo.

    Large cages are not permitted on our 737 aircraft.

    Pets are not permitted in the cabin if you are flying in SAS Business.
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