CodeType Available on charter flightsAvailable on scheduled flights
AVML Asian vegetarian meal Spicy vegetarian meal with limited use of dairy products.
BBML Baby meal Meal to infant (0-2 years old). No Yes
BLML Bland Light meal for ulcers and stomach indigestion. Yes Yes
DBML Diabetic meal Meal with low fat, high fiber and no added sugar. Yes Yes
CHML Child meal Meal adapted for children (2-11 years old). This meal is automatically ordered free of charge on charter flights to all customers booked as C (child).  Yes Yes
GFML Gluten free meal Meal free from gluten. Yes Yes
HNML Hindu meal No pork, beef or raw/smoked fish. No Yes
KSML Kosher meal Meal cooked according to Jewish habits and traditions. No Yes
LCML Low calorie meal Meal with low calorie ingredients.
No Yes
LFML Low fat meal
Meal with a low amount of fat.
No Yes
LSML Low sodium meal
Meal without added salt. Maximum 120 mg salt per 100 g food.
No Yes
MOML Moslem meal
No pork, gelatin or alcohol. Consists mostly of vegetarian meals, no halal. Yes Yes
NLML Non-lactose meal
Meal without lactose.
Yes Yes
NOML No meal
On charter flights, all customers have to order and prepay for the meal. Customers who do not wish a meal are stated as NOML.
Yes No
SFML Seafood meal
Meal consisting of fish and/or shellfish.
No Yes
VGML Vegetarian vegan meal Meal without meat, dairy products, honey or egg.
Yes Yes
VLML Vegetarian lacto-ovo meal
Vegetarian meal that may contain dairy products and egg.
Yes Yes