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If you are continuing on another SAS flight or Widerøe, the same baggage rules apply for the entire trip. If are you continuing with another airline, other rules might apply. All IATA* airlines (including SAS) have agreed on a common policy: IATA resolution 302. This resolution regulates which airline’s baggage rules apply when you travel with two or more airlines on the same itinerary.

The resolution makes it easier for you as a passenger to know how much checked baggage you can check in when you travel. Your ticket and travel documents state what applies for your specific journey.

*IATA - International Air Transport Association – consists of 230 airlines worldwide

IATA rules
IATA divides the world into Traffic Conference zones TC1, TC2 and TC3.

Within each TC zone, there are also subzones. For example, within TC zone 2, Africa and Europe are two so-called subzones.
Depending on where you are traveling to, the following rules apply:

  • If you travel between different TC zones, the airline that you travel with between these zones determines the baggage concept.
  • If you travel within a TC zone but between two subzones, the airline that you travel with between these subzones determines the baggage concept.
  • If you travel within Europe, the airline that flies the first international segment determines the baggage concept.
  • If you travel within a country, or domestically, the first airline on your journey determines the baggage concept.

If you have booked a so-called codeshare flight, the airline that operates the aircraft determines the baggage concept. For example, if you have booked a trip with SAS, but one of our partners flies this specific segment, then the partner’s baggage concept applies on this journey.

The baggage rules apply until your first stopover. For example, SAS’ baggage concept applies on your outbound journey, but on your return journey, you may have a reservation with another airline. In this case, the other airline’s baggage concept applies on the return trip.

Travel to and from the US

Generally, the same rules apply for travel to and from the US. There are three exceptions:
  • Other rules apply for so-called codeshare flights. To and from the US, the airline with which you have booked and is stated in your ticket and travel documents determines the baggage concept.
  • The baggage rules apply both for outbound and inbound travel. For example, if SAS' baggage concept applies on your journey to the US, it is also SAS' baggage concept that applies on the return even if you have been away and make a stopover.
  • Our partner United Airlines will apply its own baggage fees regardless of the codeshare rules and rules for outbound and inbound travel until the end of July. You may be charged for check-in baggage if you start your journey in the US. Read more about the baggage allowance and fee policies for United Airlines here:
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