Take off with a discount on your next award trip

Do you always want to be one step ahead, then bookmark this page and before you read more, login so you are ready to make the reservation quick and easy because here are the hottest point offers we have available - visit destinations previously beyond your reach and take along the whole family. Oh, by the way, children 2 - 11 years old, receives a 50% discount on the offers.

EuroBonus point bargains

point bargains for all members
Round trip with SAS & Wideroe*
SAS Plus Taxes and fees
From Poznan, Riga, Warsaw to Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden 10 000  20 000 15 000  30 000 from € 38
From Moscow, Saint Petersburg to Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden  15 000  30 000 25 000  50 000 from € 57

Book: April 21 - 27, 2015
Travel: May 27 - August 31, 2015

Domestic connecting flights in Denmark, Norway and Sweden are included.
Selected routes with Widerøe in Norway due to Norwegian regulations. 

Note! Taxes and fees may apply per person in addition to the points required and they vary by route.
The exact amount will appear when you book your award trip.

Nice to know! f you are a Silver, Gold or Diamond member, your benefits & privileges are also valid in connection with award trips with SAS & Wideroe, even if you decide to fly in SAS Go/Economy.


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