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Combine your EuroBonus card with MasterCard and earn points on everything you buy!Earn points on all your purchases

SAS EuroBonus World MasterCard® makes travel more rewarding. The card serves you both as a flight ticket and a means of payment and you earn EuroBonus Extra Points on all your purchases: 1 euro = 1 EuroBonus Extra points. When you pay for your trip abroad with the card comprehensive travel insurance is included.

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One card – multiple benefits

A purchase of 1 euro gives you 1 Extra Point
MasterCard is the most accepted credit card worldwide
Choose your own PIN – easy to remember
Comprehensive travel insurance is included when you pay your trip with the card
Purchase limit between €1.000 and €5.000, however max. 10 % of your annual income
No interest charges for approximately 30 days
Travel insurance
Possibility to pay off the invoice in parts*
If you book an e-ticket, your ticket will be stored on the card
First year without annual fee (norm. €55/year)
No annual fee at all for Gold and Diamond members

First year without annual fee - and no fee for Diamond & Gold members

Apply for SAS EuroBonus World MasterCard by filling out the form below. You can apply for the card if you are at least 19 years old; your regular annual income is at least €20,000; and you have a Finnish personal number (HETU).


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In Swedish:

Credit information
No interest charges for approximately 30 days. You can also pay your invoice in parts. Minimum repayment 15 %, however at least €100 / month. The credit limit of the SAS Eurobonus World MasterCard is 1 000-5 000 euro. The interest rate for a credit in use is 3 months euribor + 9 %. The annual percentage rate of charge (APR) on credit of 1 500 euro in use is 17,71 %. The reference rate used in the calculation of the APR is 3 months euribor (06/2014) and the annual fee of 55 euro has been taken into account therein. The estimated total payable credit of 1 500 euro, including interest and annual fee, is 1 630,64 euro assuming that the credit period is 12 months, the credit interest, the payments and fees remain the same during the credit period and the credit is repaid monthly in 12 equal installments. The agreement is in valid 12 months at the time, unless the agreement is terminated. Additional information about the credit can be found in the Standard European Consumer Credit Information form, the card terms and conditions, and the price list.

Credit issuer: SEB Kort Bank AB, Helsingin sivuliike, Unioninkatu 30, 00100 Helsinki.
Tel. +358 20 630 0060. Business-ID: 1597729-5.

Check your balance online

By logging on to eSaldo you can easily keep track of all your purchases and see your balance. 

Wanna raise your credit limit?

You can raise your credit limit by filling out and returning the below form to SEB Kort.

Customer service

SEB Kort’s customer service helps you with all questions related to SAS EuroBonus World MasterCard.

Customer Service: Tel. 020 630 0060
Card blocking service 24h: Tel. +358 800 1 5577


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