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Travel with pets
- dogs and cats are welcome onboard

Travel with pets

  • You are welcome to bring your cat or dog onboard a SAS flight if you have reserved a place for them. Kittens or puppies must be at least 8 weeks old. Kittens up until the age of 13 weeks must also have a veterinary certificate that demonstrates that they are approved for transportation.

  • Guide dogs or other service animals (such as rescue dogs) always travel for free in the cabin.

  • Book a space for your animal as soon as possible (no later than 24 hours after booking the flight ticket) through SAS Customer Contact Center.

  • Have the cage dimensions readily available when booking so it is easier for us to determine whether there is room for your cage in the cargo hold on your desired flight. The size of the cargo hold depends on the type of aircraft flying the particular route and the desired flight.

  • You always pay a fixed price per cage & per route. Prices for travel with animals

  • Other pets besides cats and dogs are welcome to fly with us, but will be placed in the cargo hold.

  • Large animal cages are not permitted on our 737 aircraft.

  • When traveling with pets, you must fill out a form before departure. Download it here, fill and print it out and take it to the airport. If you cannot fill it out in advance, it can be done at the airport. The form is not required for domestic travel in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

  • In certain cases, there are specific conditions that must be fulfilled in order to bring a pet with you into another country. Ask about them when you book your ticket and check if possible with the respective country's embassy.

  • If you are traveling to/from the UK and Ireland, exceptions apply. Read more here

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