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  • If you have allergies and are traveling with SAS, we recommend that you contact SAS Customer Contact Center as soon as possible. If you have special needs related to your allergy, let us know so we can note them in the flight reservation.

  • We will make arrangements to meet all your needs. For example, we will ensure that there will not be a dog on a flight if a passenger with allergies already has a confirmed seat.

  • To facilitate your needs onboard, contact the cabin crew when you board your flight so they can make possible relevant announcements. Remember to always have any necessary medicine in cabin baggage.

  • SAS does not serve peanuts or green peas as snacks or ingredients onboard our flights.
    Read more about nut allergies

    • All other types of nuts are only served as snacks or used as ingredients if they are clearly visible or stated on the ingredients label. If the meal contains nuts, it will be obvious as a garnish, decoration or content declaration.

    • On certain flights, you can order special meals. Please note that our meals are made in a flight kitchen where nuts may be included in other meals. Traces of nuts may appear even if they are not apparent on the ingredients list. Read more on special meals here
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