SAS Credits Q&A

1. What is SAS Credits?

SAS Credits rewards companies for traveling with SAS, Blue1 or Wideroe in all booking and service classes. Credits can be used to purchase new tickets.

2. Which companies are can participate in SAS Credits in Hong Kong?

All companies that are registered in Hong Kong can participate in SAS Credits if they are not already in a contracted relationship with SAS.

4. How does a company sign up for a SAS Credits agreement?

A company can sign up for a SAS Credits agreement on or by contacting SAS at +852 2865 1370 or e- mail

5. Are there any requirements for travel volume?

No, the company earns SAS Credits on all flights each time the CMP code is inserted at the time of booking.

6. Can employees also be members of the SAS frequent flyer program EuroBonus?

Yes, EuroBonus is a separate program. The company can be a member of SAS Credits and the employee can be a member of EuroBonus. Individuals earn EuroBonus points while the company earns SAS Credits

7. How much SAS Credits does the company need to have in the account before redeeming a flight?

No restrictions.Once you have earned credits, you may start to redeem them for tickts.

8. Where and how can the company book flights for redeeming earned credits?

The company contacts either SAS Hong Kong office or request directly here.

The contract code (CMP code) has to be provided every time a booking is made. In addition, the company has to indicate that the flights should be paid by SAS Credits. 

10. What is the validity of SAS Credits?

SAS Credits are valid for three years after they are earned.

11. On which airlines can the company earn SAS Credits?

The company can earn credits on all SAS Group airlines, i.e. SAS, Blue1 and Wideroe. When a ticket involves other interlining airlines, only the revenue credited to the SAS Group airlines sectors will be eligble for SAS Credits accumulations.

12. Is there any upper limit on how much SAS Credits the company can earn or redeem?

No, there is no upper limit.

13. Does the company earn the same amount of SAS Credits regardless of the booking class?

No, the company can earn different SAS Credits based on different booking class, but with the same percentage – 8%.

14. Does the company earn SAS Credits on the entire ticket price?

No, the company earns SAS Credits on the net fare, i.e. without taxes and fees and on the revenue share of the SAS Group sectors of the ticket.

15. Can the company earn SAS Credits on all fare types?

Yes, SAS Credits can be earned on all published fares. SAS Credits cannot be earned on already discounted fares.

16. Does the company earn new SAS Credits on flights that are paid by SAS Credits?

No, the company does not earn new credits on flights that are paid by SAS Credits. However, employees can earn EuroBonus points on every flight, also on flights which are paid by SAS Credits.

17. How can the company change personal and/or contact data in SAS Credits?

The company contacts SAS Hong Kong via +852 2865 1370 or email

18. How and who can see the status of the company’s SAS Credits?

Anyone who has access to the company’s log-in details to the Corporate Site can see the status of the company’s SAS Credits.

19. Can the company as a member of SAS Credits also see the employee’s EuroBonus points?

No, since EuroBonus is a separate program only the EuroBonus member himself/herself has access to his/her EuroBonus account.

20. Can anyone in the company request to redeem SAS Credits?

No, it is only the contract administrators/travel manager who can make requests.

21. What happens if the company forgot the PIN-code or password?

The company contacts SAS Hong Kong Office via +852 2865 1370 or email

22. How often is the company’s balance updated on the Corporate Site?

The balance is updated once a month.

23. Can the company buy a flight consisting of a combination of SAS Credits and cash?

Yes. However, partial redemption is now only possible when redeeming your ticket via SAS Hong Kong office.

24. Can the company register SAS Credits after the ticket has been bought or the flight has been completed?

No, the company must always indicate in advance that it wants to earn or redeem SAS Credits by inserting the CMP-code at the time of booking

25. Can the employee earn EuroBonus points when travelling on a ticket paid by SAS Credits?

Yes, the employee can earn EuroBonus points while the company cannot earn new SAS Credits at the same time when redeeming accrued SAS Credits.

26. For which flights can the company earn SAS Credits?

SAS Credits can only be earned and redeemed for business-related flights at the company’s expense. SAS Credits cannot be used for private travel.

27. How late can a ticket be booked and paid by SAS Credits?

Tickets paid by SAS Credits must be booked at least 3 working days prior to outbound travel .

28. Can SAS Credits be paid out in cash?

No, it is not possible to pay out SAS Credits in cash. SAS Credits can only be used to purchase a new ticket.

29. Are there costs associated with buying a ticket in the SAS Credits program?

No service fees apply when buying ticket on . When booking through a travel agent an agency fee may apply.

30. Can a ticket that is purchased with SAS Credits be exchanged or refunded?

It depends on the ticket type and fare whether a ticket purchased with SAS Credits can be exchanged or refunded

31. Can I get SAS Credits for tickets purchased outside Hong Kong?

No, you can't.

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