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SAS Credits is our program for small and medium sized companies to earn and collect points every time one of your employees travels. We call these points SAS Credits.  Your company can use earned SAS Credits to purchase new flights which can be booked in any booking class in any of our service classes, SAS Go, SAS Plus and SAS Business. 

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About SAS Credits
SAS Credits is an offer to companies that do not already hold a tailormade contract with us. Your company will receive a socalled CMP-code upon joining. This code must be inserted every time that a reservation is made. Insert the code when you book online or give the code to your Travel Agent to input into your booking. The booking process itself is done as usual. This code is also used when you redeem points. With the CMP-code inserted in the reservation, SAS Credits will be credited to your company's SAS Credits account upon completion of travel. 

The status of your SAS Credits account can easily be checked by logging in to the SAS Corporate Site. In the account, you will find information about earned SAS Credits. 

How to earn Credits
100 SAS Credits = HKD100. You earn 8% in SAS Go, SAS Plus and SAS Business on all travel with SAS Group Airlines,  SAS (SK) and Wideroe (WF)  - see logos on the right. When a ticket includes other airlines, the credits are earned on the portion of the fare that covers the SAS Group flight segments . Any fare will give you SAS Credits if you insert your CMP-code at time of booking. Earned SAS Credits can be used for booking travel with SAS Group Airlines. 

SAS Credits and EuroBonus
SAS Credits is independent of EuroBonus. As traveler you earn EuroBonus points on all journeys and the company receives SAS Credits.

Agreement and contact details
The agreement details can be found at a link on the top right side of this page. If you have questions, you are welcome to call us at +852 2865 1370 or email us at

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Advantages for             Company

  • Earn 8% in SAS Go, SAS Plus and SAS Business on SAS Group flights. SAS Credits are valid for 3 years.
  • Double benefit - Company receives SAS Credits, and traveler receives EuroBonus points at the same time!
  • There is no limit to how many SAS Credits, a company can earn or use.
  • Companies which do not already have agreements with us can earn SAS Credits.
  • SAS Credits are valid on SAS (SK) and Wideroe (WF). 
  • Redeem SAS Credits for future company employee travel.

Advantages for      Traveler

  • Smart solutions like online check-in and SMS services.
  • Continue to earn EuroBonus points. 



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