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When is a boarding pass needed?

Boarding passes

Use your EuroBonus card as an e-ticket throughout the airport when traveling with SAS!

If you have your trip registered on a card with a magnetic stripe (such as your credit or EuroBonus card or Travel Pass) and are checked in, the card can be used as a boarding pass on SAS-operated flights. Use your chosen card at security control, for tax-free shopping, in the lounge and during boarding, where you'll get a printout with your seat number on it. In certain cases and for certain destinations, you must have a mobile or printed boarding pass. You will be informed of this when you check-in.

SAS mobile boardingkortWhen is a mobile or printed boarding pass needed?

  • If you have not selected a plastic card while booking and are travelling only on a booking reference
  • If several passengers are travelling on a plastic card - in this case, printed boarding passes are required for all passengers
  • When the trip begins outside Scandinavia
  • When the trip continues with another airline
  • When travelling to the UK, US and other countries that are not in the Schengen area

How do you get your boarding pass?

There are three ways to get your boarding pass: on your mobile, on or at a self-service kiosk at the airport. If you retrieve your boarding pass before you get to the airport, you will save a lot of time - and can even go directly to security control if you are only travelling with hand baggage.

  • Print boarding pass ahead of time on
    You can print your boarding pass ahead of time for most destinations when you check in on The boarding pass can be printed in color or black/white - but it is important that the barcode can be clearly scanned. The printed boarding pass is personal and can contain up to 4 flight segments. 

    Destinations that accept self-printed boarding passes

  • Download mobile boarding pass
    When you check in through our mobile portal or by SMS, you can download a mobile boarding pass directly to your phone. Use the boarding pass when you go through security control, in the lounge and onboard the flight.

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  • Retrieve boarding pass at a self service kiosk
    Pick up your boarding pass at a SAS self service kiosk at the airport.
    Read more about check-in at a self service kiosk

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