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For the safety of all passengers and following European Commission directives, certain items are not allowed onboard our aircraft.

Prohibited items onboard

  • Consult these websites for what's allowed and what's not when traveling from:
    EU countries
  • Click here for the rules and restrictions regarding the import of animal products into the EU.

  • Electronic cigarettes, cigars and pipes are not allowed to be used onboard. If you have one, it must remain in your cabin baggage at all times during the flight.

  • If you are travelling to the US (including connecting flights to other countries), it is forbidden to travel with printer ink cartridges that weigh more than 500 grams. This applies to both cabin and checked baggage.

  • Remember to secure knives, scissors and other sharp objects in your checked baggage to prevent injury to yourself, airport staff or other bags. Airport staff can refuse items they deem as unsafe.

  • Different countries have different rules regarding what you can and cannot bring onboard. Check the departure airport website before you travel.

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