Earn and spend points on Atlantic Airways

Regular air links to the Faroes had been in operation since 1963, between the islands and Denmark. Atlantic Airways also operates a domestic service by helicopter, in many instances a vital connection to many of the islands, which otherwise can only be reached by sea. EuroBonus partner since May 1999.

Earn points

You earn Extra points and you can spend points on all flights operated by Atlantic Airways,
except on flightnumbers RC7000-9999.
Missing points, then login and go to Register missing points.

Earn points chart


All other classes are excluded.

Economy Flex (C, J, D, Y)

Economy Semi-Flex (L, B, M)

Economy discounted (W, G, K, H, V, Q, T)

Min. 1 200

Min. 600

Min. 150



Spend points

Award reservations can be made up to departure provided that the trip can be booked to/from e-ticket destinations.
Book through your local Member Service.

Spend your points chart - roundtrip


Economy Flex

Faroe Island's Copenhagen, Reykjavik, Billund, Aalborg*, Aberdeen*,
Bergen, London*, Oslo*,  Stavanger*, Stord 

20 000


Faroe Island's  Milan*

40 000


Faroe Island's  Barcelona*

40 000


 A 50% discount are available for children between 2 - 11 years of age. Infants travel for free.

 Taxes and fees may apply per person in addition to the points required and they vary by route.
Example: Faroe Islands - Copenhagen – Faroe Islands, in Economy 20 000 points, plus € 160 in taxes & fees.
The exact amount will appear when you book your award trip.


* Seasonal operations.




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