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It's never been easier to combine flight and train travel on the same trip. SAS and SJ, Sweden's national rail operator, offer a combined annual pass for passengers who travel frequently that includes a "get-you-there" guarantee. On the website, you can book both train and plane travel. The SAS-SJ combination is an attractive option that offers more freedom to you as a traveller.

Through the collaboration, SAS and SJ links regional public transport operators with global ones at the SAS hubs at Stockholm-Arlanda and Copenhagen Airports. The "get-you-there" guarantee means that SAS and SJ will guarantee your trip all the way from start to finish, whether from Amsterdam to Avesta or Nässjö to London. If your train or flight is delayed or cancelled, we guarantee that you can be rerouted quickly and cared for.
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The SAS-SJ cooperation covers three areas:

1. Combined card for frequent travellers
With the combined annual pass for selected and popular domestic destinations, you have greater freedom and a wider range of travel options.

  • Sweden
  • Destination Plus
  • Destination

2. Extended travel guarantee between SAS and SJ at Arlanda and Copenhagen Airports
The extended travel guarantee at Arlanda makes the combined SJ and SAS alternative more attractive than other options for those who live a long distance from the airport. Passenger travel is guaranteed from the moment you step on the train at home until you reach your destination
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3. Combined travel service where you can book train and flight at the same time
It's never been easier to get a good overview of the possibilities through the combined travel service, which shows both train and flight alternatives

There are three options for the combined annual passes that are valid for unlimited travel:

  Sweden    Destination Plus     SAS Travel Pass






SAS travel: Unlimited number of domestic within a year.
SJ travel: Unlimited travel within a year in selected service class with day trains as well as sleeper car and sleeping berths on night trains.

SAS travel: Travel to selected destination
SJ train: Unlimited travel within a year in selected service class with day trains as well as sleeper car and sleeper car and sleeper berth on night trains.

SAS travel: Valid for travel on the Stockholm-Gothenburg, Stockholm-Sundsvall , Stockholm-Malmö and Stockholm-Malmö/Ängelholm lines.
SJ travel: Holders of SAS Travel Pass Individual can exchange an existing pass for one that includes the possibility of travelling with SJ on the same lines on designated lines.
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