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If you are travelling from Copenhagen Airport

If you are travelling within the Schengen Area when you arrive in Denmark, you do not need to go through passport control. However, you must be possession of valid travel documents and it is a good idea to have a passport for security reasons.

If you are in transit

If you will remain in transit, you only need to go through security control if you are flying overseas or outside of the Schengen Area before you can board your flight. If you are travelling within the Schengen Area or domestically, you can just proceed directly to the gate.

Check-in again?

If you have booked a trip with one or several stopovers, you and your baggage  are checked in all the way to the final destination. Consequently, it is not necessary to check in again. If you have booked your tickets independently of each other, please be aware that you and your baggage are not checked in all the way to your final destination. It is accordingly necessary that you pick up your baggage and check in at the terminal for your next flight. You must also give yourself more time at the airport.

Visit Copenhagen

Whether your visit to Kastrup Airport is long or short, you can always find many exciting ways to spend your time before you travel further.

If you are waiting for more than 4 hours, you can easily make a trip to downtown Copenhagen. The Metro and several trains run directly to Terminal 3 at the airport to the most interesting and central locations, where there are opportunities for shopping, café visits and sightseeing. You can take guided buses from Rådhuspladsen (City Hall Square), in front of the Palace Hotel, which offers everything from small tours of the center to larger full-day tours where you can also take a quick trip to Malmö. The trip to the central train station takes about 15 minutes and costs about 33 kroner each way. Follow the signs to get to the area by bus, train and metro.

Taxi stands are outside the arrivals area at Terminal 3. A trip to the city center takes about 15 minutes and costs 150-200 kroner.

Airport address:

Copenhagen Airport A/S
Box 74, Lufthavnsboulevarden 6
2770 Kastrup


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