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Tampere is a famous culture city, with e.g. a long theatre tradition and the art museum of Sara Hildén at Lake Näsijärvi. SAS welcomes tourists from all over the world with convenient nonstop connections from Copenhagen and Stockholm.

Tampere offers you culture and archi­tecture in impressing buildings, fabulous bridges and green parks. For children, Tampere has attractions such as Art Centre Haihara and the Moomin museum.

You can also experience Tampere from above or on the lakes. And when you get tired and need a bit of food, why not try the rotating restaurant Näsinneula in an observation tower. Nearby you can also find Pyynikki watchtower with emerging view of the beautiful Tampere. Remember to try out water events on the lakes as well, both during the summer and the winter! Enjoy the best of Tampere

Things to do with children

Särkänniemi amusement park - stands for excitement, entertainment and culture both for grown-ups and children. Do you dare a watery ride down the stock river? Visit the dolphins for fantastic shows. 

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