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Get-to-the-destination guarantee

SAS in Sweden and SJ (Statens Järnvägar/Swedish Railways) have joined forces to help passengers reach their destinations by rail and air by saving them both time and money.

The objective of the cooperation is to offer customers the option of combining air and train travel. Passengers can buy an annual pass that covers both air and train travel. This also includes a get-to-the-destination guarantee that ensures smooth transfers between flights and trains.

The get-to-the-destination guarantee means that SAS and SJ will take care of each other's travellers in the event of delays. The guarantee applies to all customers who travel with both SAS and SJ on the same trip. If there is a service interruption, the company responsible for the delay will deal with rebooking, which takes place at Arlanda airport. SJ and SAS work together to ensure the entire journey runs as smoothly as possible, endeavouring to deliver a seamless transition from train to plane.

The get-to-the-destination guarantee applies regardless of the ticket purchased. It is the customer's responsibility to contact staff to rebook tickets. Please note that commuter passes are not covered by the guarantee. Annual pass holders must book a free seat ticket for the guarantee to apply.

The get-to-the-destination guarantee is applicable between SJ trains and SK/KF operating flights to/from Arlanda and domestic Swedish, Scandinavian and European destinations. SAS charter flights are not eligible for the guarantee.

Same-day reservations
The train and flight departure must be on the same day. The minimum connection time (MCT) is:
• 45 minutes for train-domestic flights
• 60 minutes for train-Scandinavian/European destinations

Booking classes
The get-to-the-destination guarantee can be used on all booking classes.

Travel information
The customer must present a travel confirmation for both the train and flight reservations.


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