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Terms and conditions for donation of EuroBonus cards

  • The recipient of the donated EuroBonus card should be a recognized friend or a family member of the donor, and should not already hold the requested tier level.
  • The recipient of the donated EuroBonus card must be a member of EuroBonus. The membership in EuroBonus is free of charge and requires no purchase.
  • The donated EuroBonus card is personal and can under no circumstances be sold, transferred, combined, inherited, refunded in cash or used for other purposes than within EuroBonus unless otherwise stated. In case of misuse, the EuroBonus card will be confiscated.
  • SAS reserves the right to downgrade and/or terminate the membership in cases SAS deems constitute misuse.
  • The transaction to donate a EuroBonus card can only be made when the donor is logged in on his/her personal EuroBonus account on SAS’ website.
  • The donor is not obliged to donate a EuroBonus card.
  • Recipients under the age of 18 years must have their legal guardian’s consent to join EuroBonus.
  • Donations of EuroBonus cards can be made as long as the donor holds the tier level within the EuroBonus program that qualifies to donate a EuroBonus card (i.e. Gold, Diamond or Pandion member).
  • Changes to the recipient of the donated EuroBonus card may not be made after the recipient has accepted the donation of the EuroBonus card on his/her personal EuroBonus account on SAS’ website.
  • The recipient of the EuroBonus card must give his/her acceptance before the upgrade of the new EuroBonus tier level to Silver, Gold or Diamond member can be completed.
  • SAS accepts no responsibility for the individual member's tax obligations in connection with the upgrade of the EuroBonus tier level to Silver, Gold or Diamond member.
  • EuroBonus cards that have not been donated by the donor at the end of the current qualification period of the donor will expire.
  • SAS reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time with or without notice.

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