Family Pooling Terms and conditions


  • All members of EuroBonus are entitled to participate in EuroBonus Family Pooling (“Family Pooling”). The following terms and conditions apply to Family Pooling. 
  • Family Pooling is offered to families only and enables them to automatically transfer EuroBonus points (“Points”) from a maximum of seven (7) “contributing” accounts to one (1) “receiving” account.
  • Families can consist of up to eight (8) individuals. “Families” includes partner, husband, wife, parents and children. At a minimum, there must be two (2) individuals in a Family Pooling account (the “Account”).
  • By participating in Family Pooling you accept that certain information about you will appear to other program participants and SAS, including, but not limited to, first name, relationship in family, the number of Points contributed to the Account and dates for the transfer of Points to the Account.
  • EuroBonus members may use Family Pooling for personal purposes only and not for any business, commercial or other use. There is a limit of one (1) Account per EuroBonus member. Any attempt by a EuroBonus member to register in more than one (1) Account by using the same or multiple/different email addresses, identities, registrations, logins, and/or any other method(s), as determined in SAS' sole discretion, may void all Points of the EuroBonus member, and that EuroBonus member may be disqualified from participating in Family Pooling and/or EuroBonus at SAS' sole discretion.
  • EuroBonus terms and conditions for membership are an integral part of these terms and conditions. In case there is a conflict or contradiction between the EuroBonus terms and conditions and these terms and conditions, the wording of these terms and conditions shall prevail.
  • SAS reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time with or without notice.

The Manager of the Family Pooling Account

  • Any adult can start an Account and be the manager of the Account (the “Manager”). The Manager must be a member of EuroBonus. An adult is anyone over the age of 18. A child is anyone under 18.
  • The Manager will manage all of the Points in the Account. The Manager has sole authority to redeem Points from the Account. The Manager does not need permission from any other participant in the Account in order to use the points in the Account.
Contributing of EuroBonus Points to the Family Pooling Account
  • The person in the family who wants to transfer his/her Points to the Account must be a member of EuroBonus (the “Sender”).
  • For EuroBonus members under the age of eighteen (18), the parent or legal guardian of the child must enroll the child in Family Pooling and complete all Family Pooling activity.
  • Upon joining the Account, each Sender will contribute, hundred (100) percent of its Points to the Account. Both the Manager and the Sender will receive a notification e-mail when the Sender is connected to the Account.
  • Any existing Points on the Sender’s individual EuroBonus account will remain after the connection is established with the Account.
  • Points that have been earned after the connection was established with the Account, will be transferred automatically and continually once per calendar month from the Sender’s individual EuroBonus account to the Account.
  • Any transfer of Points from the Sender’s individual EuroBonus account to an Account is non-refundable i.e. cannot be transferred back to the Sender’s individual EuroBonus account.
  • Any Basic Points earned by the Sender, will be transferred as Extra Points to the Account.
  • The validity of the transferred Points will be adjusted according to the Manager’s qualification period.
  • Exceptions, to SAS sole discretion, will apply regarding transfer of Points for certain Point accrual activities, e.g. non-redeemable Points and EuroBonus introduction quiz. Any points earned from SAS and EuroBonus partners will be transferred.

Changes to the Family Pooling Account

  • The Manager or any of the Senders can cancel the participation in the Family Pooling at any time. When cancellation request is registered, no Points since the last monthly transfer will be transferred to the Account.
  • The Sender may remove itself from the Account at any time on his/her personal EuroBonus account on SAS’ website. If the Sender remove itself from an Account, its Points will stay in the Account. Both the Manager and the Sender will receive a notification e-mail when the Sender decides to remove itself from the Account.
  • The Manager may remove any Sender from the Account at any time for any reason. If the Manager removes a Sender from the Account, the Sender's Points will stay in the Account. Both the Manager and the Sender will receive a notification e-mail when the Manager decides to remove a Sender from the Account.

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