No annual fee for Gold members with a combined Diners Club or MasterCard

With a EuroBonus card co-branded with Diners Club or MasterCard your status as a EuroBonus Gold member is recognized worldwide.

As a EuroBonus Gold member the card is free of charge as you do not pay any annual fee.You receive an additional travel insurance when you pay for your trip with your co-branded card. The insurance includes, for example, cancellation* and accident cover. Your EuroBonus/Diners Club card also gives you access to more than 80 Diners Club airport lounges worldwide.

That sound's like a winning concept - I want to read more

Please note

Combined cards are available to residents of Denmark (including Greenland and Faroe Islands), Finland, Norway and Sweden. Combined card with American Express is only available for members in Norway and Sweden. Residents in selected countries with a Amex card can convert points to EuroBonus, learn more here.


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