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  • Pets are not included as part of the baggage allowance. Contact SAS Customer Contact Center for more info.

  • Prices are given per crate depending on size.

     Travel with pets
    DK / SE / NO / FI
    Skandinavia, Europe & Tel Aviv US and Asia
    Pet in cabin / cargo hold
    40€ 60€ €85€
    On our intercontinental flights, it is not possible to bring pets in the cabin in SAS Business.

          An additional minimal fee at airports outside Scandinavia may apply.

  • Prices apply per one way when traveling with SAS.

  • If you are traveling onwards with another airline or with one of our partners on a codeshare flight, check with the airline to see what rules apply.

  • Guide/service dogs and search dogs always travel free of charge with SAS. Book in advance and obtain the necessary permits.

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