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Special baggage

- Take your life with you

You can check in many types of sporting goods and special equipment when flying with SAS.

If your special baggage exceeds size or weight limits of your checked baggage allowance, the following charges apply.
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Special baggage - we can ship most items
  • Check your special baggage in the way you do regular baggage, attach your baggage tags and drop it off at special/oversize baggage counter at the airport.

  • Special baggage must be registered before you fly* by contacting SAS Customer Contact Center or filling out this online form. If you booked your flight through a travel agent, register your special baggage with them.

    *Does not apply to infant strollers or infant car seats

  • Different rules apply for check-in depending on what item you are flying with. Below is a list of check-in rules and restrictions for the most common types of special baggage.

Special baggage that does not need to be registered before you fly:

  • Stroller/baby buggy
    More on stroller/baby buggy

    - If you are traveling with an infant under two years of age, you can check a collapsible stroller in for free in addition to your checked baggage allowance.

    - For children older than two, the stroller counts as one piece of checked baggage.

    - Strollers need to be taken apart if possible and packed in a durable bag. A specially designed stroller bag is available at the baggage drop or check-in counter for €5 (free for SAS Plus, SAS Business and EuroBonus Gold members).

    - Strollers weighing less than 8 kg can brought as cabin baggage space permitting. SAS reserves the right to check in the stroller before you board the plane.

  • Infant car seat
    More on infant car seat

    - Car seats count as one piece of checked baggage.

    Car seats that do not exceed the onboard seat dimensions*
    can be brought onboard. You must pay for a child seat (aged 2-11) for your infant. This can be done by contacting SAS Customer Contact Center. Car seats can face forward or backward, but must be secured by a seat belt.

    *40 cm width, depth: 65cm, height: 45cm

Special baggage that needs to be registered before you fly:

  • Ski and snowboard equipment
    More on ski and snowboard equipment

    - Ski and snowboard equipment (including boots and helmet) must be transported in bags.

    - A special ski bag can be purchased at the baggage drop or check-in counter
    for €5 (free for SAS Plus, SAS Business and EuroBonus Gold members).

    - The total weight of your ski or snowboard bag cannot exceed 12 kg. The total weight of all your equipment cannot exceed 23 kg.

    - Make a note when you reserve your ticket that you intend to travel with skis
    since space may be limited.

    Important! Remember to register that you are bringing skis in your booking - it is not a guaranteeed service and is subject to availability. On smaller aircraft - ARJ, CRJ900, F50, CR2, DAT/AT7 & S20 - equipment is only accepted on a standby basis.

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  • Golf bag
    Your golf bag can include 14 golf clubs
    , 12 golf balls and one pair of golf shoes.
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  • Bicycles
    More on bicycles

    - Handlebars should be turned in parallel with the frame.

    - The pedals must be removed.

    - The tires should be deflated.

    - We highly recommend packing bikes in a bike bag.

    - On smaller aircraft types, bicycles are only accepted if there is space on board.
    On our CRJ jets, bicycles are accepted on a standby basis. Check your aircraft type on your reservation before you travel.

    - Electrical bicycles are considered dangerous goods,so we do not transport them onboard our aircraft.

    Click here for details and prices

  • Diving equipment
    Diving equipment
    can include an oxygen cylinder (must be completely empty), set of regulators, vest, diving mask, flippers, snorkel and lamp (bulb and batteries must be separated from each other).

  • Fishing equipment
    You can bring a bait box, angler bag or basket and a fishing rod in a bag or box.

  • Waterskis
    Each bag can contain a pair of standard water skis, slalom waterskis or wakeboard.
    To protect your waterskis, you can buy plastic bags to pack them in. These are sold at the airport for a minimal fee.

  • Surfboard/kiteboard/windsurfer
    If you are travelling with a kiteboard or surfboard with a sail and other equipment,
    it must be packed together in a bag. The maximum length allowed is 200 cm.

  • Musical instruments
    More on musical instruments
    - Remember to pack your instrument in a hard case.

    Musical instruments that don't exceed cabin baggage weight and dimensions can be taken into the cabin.
    Note that a musical instrument in the cabin counts as one piece of cabin baggage.

    - A cello can be taken onboard. However, it requires its own seat. Contact SAS Customer Contact Center or your travel agent for more details.

    - Contact SAS Customer Contact Center or your travel agent if you are traveling with a double bass/contrabass.

  • Canoes, kayaks and hang gliders
    These can only be sent as cargo.

  • Weapons
    More on weapons
    - Shooting weapons must be checked in. When you travel with weapons and ammunition, you must register your weapon and ammunition at check-in and declare that:
    1. You have the required documentation and licenses
    2. The weapon is not loaded
    3. The weapon is disassembled if possible and packed separately in checked baggage
    4. The weapons and ammunition are packed separately in checked baggage
    5. You have a maximum of 5 kg of ammunition. Ammunition is considered dangerous goods and must be securely packed

    - If traveling from the US, read the TSA regulations for travelling with weapons.

    - We recommend that you come early before check-in and give yourself extra time when transferring at other airports. When you arrive at your destination, contact the SAS arrival service or handling agent for the delivery of your weapon.

    - The following fee per weapon/ammunition per unit is applicable for firearms/ammunition. The fee is paid at the airport.

    Baggage containing weapons or ammunition Domestic DK/NO/SE/FIScandinavia, Europe & Tel AvivRest of the world
    Weapons €25 €60 €60

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