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Mobile boarding pass

Travel has never been easier! You can now receive your boarding pass directly on your mobile phone when you fly with SAS and Widerøe.

How it works:

  • If you check in by SMS or on the SAS mobile site, you will receive a check-in confirmation and a link to an electronic boarding pass can be downloaded.
  • Reservations can include up to 6 passengers. When you use SMS check-in, only one passenger per booking will receive a confirmation with a link to the mobile boarding pass. All passengers on the reservation have access to the mobile boarding pass. We recommend that the passenger who receives the SMS forward it to each passenger.
  • The boarding pass includes information on the flight number, seat and departure and arrival times as well as a 2D barcode. The 2D barcode is read electronically at the airport by security control and at the lounge and gate. Make sure you have it handy. It can also be used at SAS check-in kiosks for those who wish to check in their baggage.
  • The mobile boarding pass can include up to four flight segments and they must be on the same reservation.
  • Your mobile phone must be connected to the Internet in order to download the mobile boarding card.
  • Passengers travelling through a Danish airport must present a mobile boarding pass at security control in Copenhagen if they have received one. This applies to all airports in Denmark even if a boarding pass is not required for the final destination.

Applies to and from the following destinations:

  • Within Scandinavia and Finland
  • From Scandinavia and Finland to Europe and the rest of the world except the US
  • To Scandinavia from the following destinations

When do you need a boarding pass?
Boarding passes are required for travel to certain destinations and in certain cases.
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  • Charge your mobile phone fully before your trip.
  • Load your mobile boarding pass in advance and save the image or webpage onto your phone.
  • If you cannot load your mobile boarding pass, you can still retrieve your boarding pass at a self-service terminal or at the check-in counter. Using a self-service terminal is not possible when travelling from an airport in Denmark, where you must go to a check-in counter to receive a new boarding pass.

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