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SAS - the biggest airline company in Scandinavia - offers cheap international flight tickets to Bergen.
Our city guide will help you to find out what's up and what the best tips are from SAS crew and passengers. Bergen is a charming old city with a young outlook. As you fly into Bergen you’ll see the stunning cliffs rising out of the sea and the fjord surrounded by majestic mountains.

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What's up in Bergen

Nerves of steel
Take the cable car to the top
of Mount Floyen and watch
the spectacular view. 
Just don't look down on
your way up...

Music in Bergen
There are enough music festivals to go around. Bergenfest is just one of many.

Norwegian Trekking Association provides information on outdoor activities and links to member sites throughout Norway.

Crew tip

Passenger tip Passenger tip

The Fish market
Tel.: +47 55 55 20 00

In the center of Bergen you
will find the Fish Market  and
its a great place to pick up
lunch. Seafood comes  in many varieties, try a baguette with
smoked salmon or why not
buy half a kilo of freshly boiled shrimps. You can eat at the
market but I usually take a stroll
down to the pier where its a
bit more quite.
Tor, pilot

Bergen Turlag
Tel.: + 47 553 35 810

Rent a lodge or do one of many trekking routes. Bergen is a
great place for outdoor activities
and offers spectacular scenery.

Nordahl Bruns gate 9
Tel.: + 47 55 55 81 14

Somewhat rude staff but
they have nice and reasonable
priced soups.

Café Kaos

Café Kaos near the social science part of the University on Fosswinckelsgate is a great place for fresh coffee, light meals and conversations with the locals, who call themselves "Bergenser".

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