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Salary & benefits


Crew base OSL, STO, CPH according to demand,- initial assignment:

OSL: FP (B737)

STO: FP (B737)

CPH: FP (CRJ900)

Monthly Salary:

Starting salary in
DKK: 27 730
SEK: 28 395
NOK: 29 940


To be updated


Awaiting final agreement between SAS and the Pilot unions.

Bids and bond:

3-4 career bids

Bond: From the point of initial employment there is a requirement to serve 5 summer seasons before obtaining the right to bid.

Work scheme:

Fixed group (FG): 5/4 – 5/3 (5 production/4 days off-5 production/3 days off).

Variable group (VG): 190 annual production days (minimum 12 days off per month, 11 days off twice yearly), 4 weekends off every 3 months.

Annual leave:

FG: 42 days

VG: 50 days

ID travel:

Discounted airline tickets are provided after 3 months employment on SAS routes, 6 months employment for other carriers.

Company Uniform (and Dry Cleaning):

Pilots will be provided with uniforms and dry cleaning services.


More detailed information will be provided to all applicants attending the general briefing the day of of the interviews.







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