Travel guide to Denmark

Guide to Denmark

Plan ahead

Part of the thrill of visiting Denmark is experiencing the culture and customs. To enjoy these to the full, it’s worth planning ahead to avoid any possibility of worry or hassle when you arrive. This approach is part of the SAS philosophy. We work hard to make sure your trips are as stress-free as they can be. This is why we’ve prepared the following tips and advice.

What to do and see

Denmark may be a small country but there’s a fantastic amount to do and see. There are beaches, amusement parks, wonderful art galleries and world-class museums. There are also fascinating historical sites. Apart from Viking ruins across the country, there are Stone Age tombs on the islands south of Zealand, and Bronze Age bog bodies on Jutland.

Denmark is also renowned for its remarkable architecture both old and modern. Do make a point of seeing some of the churches from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance castles and the beautifully neat 18th century villages. And when you’re in the cities, visit the breathtaking, award-winning modern buildings.

All of this comes in addition to the superb cuisine of Denmark. Whether you eat in the Michelin starred restaurants of Copenhagen or the many other restaurants and cafes throughout the country, you won’t be disappointed in the range and quality of the food.

To help you plan in greater detail, why not use the SAS guides to Copenhagen, Aalborg and Aarhus elsewhere on this website? They highlight specific places to visit and things worth doing.

And if you like the idea of touring in Denmark to absorb as much as you can of the country, don’t forget you can arrange internal flights with SAS. You could spend a few days in Copenhagen, for instance, and then catch an SAS plane to Aalborg or Aarhus. With cheap flights to Denmark on SAS, there is something for everyone.


About Denmark

High season

The holiday high season in Denmark is June, July and August. This is the time of year when there are plenty of festivals and open-air concerts. Among other features of the high season are longer opening hours at the main attractions and a variety of enjoyable courses. These include horse riding on beaches and yachting in the placid waters of the Baltic Sea.

Don’t feel limited to the high season. SAS flies to Denmark throughout the year. You’ll still find plenty to interest you whenever you decide to visit this wonderful country.


The currency in Denmark is the krone (DKK). One kr = 100 øre. The lowest denomination coins in Denmark are 25 øre and 50 øre. There are also coins for one, two, five, 10 and 20 kr. Kroner notes come in 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 kr.


Denmark has been a member of the EU since 1973. The European Health Insurance Card covers you for most types of medical care if you're an EU citizen. You also don’t need any specific vaccinations to gain entry to Denmark from the UK.


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